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Strength Cards (bundle) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

54 Strengths to help people identify their strengths and skills, set goals, explore values, critical reflect, evaluate and use in creative writing. Complete with a booklet outlining ideas for having conversations about strengths.
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Strength Cards for Kids (Bundle) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

St Luke's Innovative Resources
Strength Cards for Kids has a simple message: all children deserve to be recognised and celebrated for their strengths. Strengths help children learn, grow and become the best they can be. Children thrive with encouragement; they blossom when their strengths and efforts are noticed. Now in its third edition, Strength Cards for Kids features a mixed bunch of raucous, funny, serious, quiet, loud, big, small and rather outrageous animal characters. They get up to all kinds of antics, most of which you will never see when you are visiting animals in a zoo, park or sanctuary. That’s because—as any child knows—animals only do these things when humans aren’t looking.

Talking Up Our Strengths (bundle) - St Luke's Innovative Resources

St Luke's Innovative Resources
Talking Up Our Strengths is a set of 22 evocative, photomontage cards that celebrate the strengths and values of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. These family snap-style photos show people being ‘strong in culture’. They are designed to foster recognition of what Aboriginal people have done—and continue to do—to nurture pride, identity and resilience.